Summer 2007



From Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin


Sue Gardiner on Robin White’s Wairarapa painting

auction scene

John Perry reports on intriguing new trends



News from the art front

awards, prizes and residencies

Artists on a winning streak


Future exhibitions and events


what’s on

Your comprehensive guide to gallery exhibitions and art events


the interview

Christopher Johnstone meets artist Jan Nigro

London letter

Matthew Collings is assaulted by stimulating art

flying visit

Meet Australia’s leading art star, Patricia Piccinini

in residence 1

James Robinson’s hugely prolific stint in Titirangi

dispatch 1

Istanbul Biennale is a blast for Rob Garrett

dispatch 2

Pete Wheeler soaks up the history of Berlin

in residence 2

Sara Hughes falls in love with the Big Apple

opening shots

Around the galleries


Catch that niu wave!

Young artists pushing the definitions of what constitutes Pacific art

Salad days

Artists focusing on childhood memories and a bittersweet nostalgia for the past

Collaboration for healing

Dunedin artists work with the community to foster recovery from mental illness

Six go off to China

A new museum hosts Australasian ceramic art


Limited edition print offer

Your chance to buy a great Jae Hoon Lee photograph

Reader giveaway

Win $200 worth of books to read over Christmas and the latest Te Papa calender

The Corban Estate Creative Quarter

Waitakere City’s exciting plans for a new art precinct

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